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Welcome to the web presentation of HARI Ltd. Novi Travnik

HARI Ltd. Novi Travnik is a company that is based on retail of secondary goods. HARI Ltd. was founded in 1991 in the central-Bosnian town of Novi Travnik, at the time being one of the first private sector enterprises. What started off as a small food stand with a grand ambition and a simple idea to sell more for less, being led by a wish to deliver the best possible service towards our customers, the company had spread by opening new business units in multiple urban centers across Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a network of business partners spreading across multiple continents
For us, the customer is the top priority! Being led by the motto "The customer is always right" we have been developing trough the Bosnian market, advancing day by day with a clear vision of future development. Realizing our own strength, we are keen to stay in our commitment to offer young people of all profiles a good chance to work in a dynamic, professional and prosperous environment. The trust of our customers is, for us, our biggest value. They are our constant advantage on the market and the power behind new achievements. In our stores you can find a wide spectre of clothing, shoes, toys, cosmetics, house appliances, dishes and kitchen supplies, and so on.
The company is led by a young team of ambitious and highly educated visionaries, who also keep constant care about the community in which the company finds itself. HARI constantly invests into sport, cultural, educational, humanitarian and other socially responsible projects.
HARI Ltd. is always open for cooperation. In order to establish contact with us, it is best that you send an introductory e-mail to us at hari@hari.ba with your suggestions. We look forward towards establishing contact with you.